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Hunan Railway Professional Technology College (HNRPC) is situated in Zhuzhou, a city of Electrical Locomotives. Zhuzhou is well connected by rail, and is an important rail transportation junction in China. As the second largest city in Hunan Province, Zhuzhou has a population of 4.04 million (2018 census).

HNRPC was founded in 1951. It is a top high vocational college under direct administration of Hunan Education Department of Hunan Provincial Government, one of the first Batch of 28 National Demonstrative Colleges elected from 1359 colleges. There are 5 schools in HNRPC, namely School of Locomotive and Vehicle, School of Artificial Intelligence (AI), School of Manufacturing, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Railway Operation Management.

HNRPC is strong at disciplines related to electrical engineering, manufacturing, and information technology. A lot of high-quality teaching resources are open to both teachers and students, such as bank of teaching resources (national level), online curriculum resources, etc.

HNRPC has 573 faculty members, including an expert awarded special allowance by the State Council, a teacher honored as one of the “National ten-thousand outstanding teachers”, 2 teachers ranked as national distinguished teachers. There are over 10,600 full time students in the college. The annual admission of vocational trainees is over 7,000.